• A reliable source for small to medium volume EMS
    MI-8 and MI-17 Spare Parts
    FDR and CVR Production

Contract Manufacturing Service and machined parts from one place. Our Manufacturing Services range from simple PCB assembly up to complete assemby of a customer’s finished product (Box Build Assembly). Capabilities for PCBA, BBA, testing, cable harnessing, logistics and component sourcing.

Mechanical workshop provides clients with turned and milled parts, fine mechanics and assembly of advanced mechatronic modules and products.
Spare parts, components, avionics and product support solutions for any modifications of helicopters Mi-8 and Mi-17. Delivery to any location.

Document Validation Service for Mi-8 and Mi-17 helicopter spare parts is offered. Any Mi-8 or Mi-17 operator can request for validation of Airworthiness Approval Tags (Passports). Our experienced specialists will arrange official validity certificate from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).
Production, overhaul and delivery of Flight Data Recorders (FDR), Cockpit Voice Recorders (CVR) and related equipment for Russian aircrafts.

FDR BUR-1-2 (БУР-1-2)
FDR ZBN-1-1 (ЗБН-1-1)
FDR MLP-23-1 (МЛП-23-1)
CVR P-503B (П-503Б)
CVR P-507-3BS (П-507-3БС)
Sensor MU-615A (МУ-615А)